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Seasonal, Late May-July 25

Specialist will plan and implement weekly lesson plans for 30-45 segments with children (assigned groups between preschool and 8th grade).  Specialist must have effective communication skills with children, co-workers and parents and must enjoy working with diverse groups of children in different types of activities.
• Work your scheduled shifts; call your supervisor at least 2 hours in advance if you will be absent or late.
• Supervise all weekly specialty sessions.
• Create and lead weekly lesson plans all groups, up to twice a week, with modifications that are appropriate for each age group
• Verify that all groups have attended scheduled lessons;
• Fill supply order requests in time for first activity of the day; put away all returned supplies at the end of the day
• Maintain inventory of supplies, and inform directors of needs
• Maintain an orderly and safe environment; specifically, this means:
o Never leave the children unattended;
o Keep the space that you use neat and tidy after various activities have occurred and at the end of the day (and direct the children to assist);
o Interact with the children and treat them equally;
o With other counselors, responsible for care and safety of campers in group.
• Responsible for attending all camp programs, including but not limited to orientation, morning staff meetings, lip sync night, late nights, overnights, extended day and night trips.
• Help Camp Directors effectively manage camp logistics when necessary (carpool pick-up, drop-off, etc.).
• Share responsibilities for implementing camp wide programming as it pertains to specific specialty (Yom Sport for sports, Lip Sync for music, etc.)
• Develop relationships and interact with campers in all groups:
o Enjoy camp – campers will model your behavior.
o Help campers feel a sense of belonging to camp.
o Help campers strive to achieve camp goals.
o Respect camper’s personality and right to have own ideas.
o Help campers to make adjustments in a new situation.
o Be friendly but not partial.
o Be a positive role model for campers, counselors, and CIT’s
• Lead by example in treating others with respect;
• Work effectively and professionally with co-workers;
• Effectively communicate with parents during carpool; open and close car doors, greet them when they arrive, acknowledge when they leave.
• Bring all concerns or problems (from parents, members and/or staff) to the  attention of the Director of School Age Services or Youth Director;
• Maintain appropriate conduct out of camp in all situations which reflect upon the camp.
• Have a fun and memorable summer experience.

• Must be at least 18 years of age; over 21 preferred
• Must have background or education in specialty field, degree preferred, or minimum 2 years working in specialty field
• Must be available all 9 weeks, Late May-July 25
• Must be able to focus full attention on children at all times;
• Previous childcare experience strongly preferred, as is knowledge of first aid;
• Desire to work  patiently with diverse groups of children is essential;
• Must exhibit professional presentation; self-motivated; exhibit high energy and a positive attitude; good interpersonal skills; good organizational skills.

Download the Camp Staff Application

If interested, please contact Aaron Atlas or 317-715-9247.