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Art Gallery Reception 
Panel Discussion 
Three Faith Traditions Celebrated Through Art
Suzy Friedman, Yohana Junker and Melissa Parrott Quimby with Rusty Moe
Tues, March 5-Fri, April 26
Opening Reception Thurs, March 7 | 5:30-7 pm
Suzy Friedman is an Indy-based fine artist specializing in Judaica art such as Ketubahs. These Hebrew marriage documents are usually printed in a very beautiful, artistic and creative way as a keepsake document for the bride and groom and as an heirloom to pass on to future generations.
Yohana Junker's artwork emanates from a continuous necessity to interpret and give meaning to life individually and collectively. In the series Into Awareness, she envisions the paintings as thresholds that could invite viewers, by means of color and movement, to visit intimate but forgotten recesses and unanticipated pathways of their existential journeys.
An imaginary landscape of botanical forms comprises the subject of Melissa Parrott Quimby's current work. Through an instinctual impulse of combining shapes and texture, she creates her own interpretation of exotic flora. The microscopic detail lures the viewer into the sculptures for a closer look and deeper enjoyment. 
God In The Box
Directed by Nathan Lang. 2011.
Directly following the Reception, Thurs, March 7 | 7 pm
$5 / $3 Members   
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If you've ever been curious about God, Jesus Christ, Adonai, Allah, Buddha, something spiritual you can't describe, what agnostics question or why atheitsts don't believe, then see God In The Box. It's a documentary film that follows filmmaker Nathan Lang and his crew as they explore the diverse and curious ways we see God, in our minds eye - through the lens of their amazing Box.
The filmmakers embark on a cross-country journey with their small mobile studio (and main character), The Box. They invite people to step inside and share what they see in their mind's eye, and if possible, draw what God looks like to them.
A remarkable collection of scholars, religious leaders and a mythologist help examine the material and put it into a historical and relevant context. The surprises and revelations about our current interpretations of God come to light, as small glimpses inside the minds of others help illuminate a much bigger picture.

Panel Discussion with the Artists
Tues, March 19, 7 pm | Free
Enjoy the work of three outstanding artists, each of whose works are deeply informed by their varying faith traditions. Suzy Friedman (Jewish), Yohana Junker (Christian) and Melissa Parrott Quimby (Buddhist) each express their spiritual feelings and backgrounds throught their beautiful and insightful artwork. Experience their work, meet the artists and join us for a moderated discussion with acclaimed poet Rusty Moe.
(Rusty Moe is an Indianapolis treasure. A top therapist, Rusty has written three books of poetry examining the spirituality that envelopes us. He is a seeker of truth and an asker of questions.)