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In Partnership with Heartland Truly Moving Pictures
Official selections of the 2013 Heartland Film Festival

Showing Thu, May 22 at 7 pm  : 
As High as the Sky
Skype Q&A with Director, Nikki Braendlin after the film

Margaret has always been a little... particular. But since being jilted by her fiance, her obsessive-compulsive behaviors are in overdrive. The last thing she needs is company. Showing up on her doorstep unannounced, Margaret's nomadic older sister Josephine (with ten-year-old daughter Hannah in tow) is initially an unwanted jolt to her carefully regulated life. But their playfulness eventually wins her over and she begins to loosen her neurotic control on life. However, when Margaret discovers the real reason for her sister's visit, she's forced to confront the betrayal... and the long suppressed grief at the root of her fastidious behaviors.

Writer/Director -  Nikki Braendlin
Producer - Lena Bubenechik
elease date – 2012, PG

Thu, May 22  |  7–9 pm
$8 / $5 Members

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In Partnership with Heartland Truly Moving Pictures 
Showing Thu, Jul 10 at 7 pm:
No Ordinary Hero – The Superdeafy Movie

This was the most viewed film of the 2013 Heartland Film Festival.  It is a fun, thoughtful film that will build understanding of the world of the deaf community and of people who share differences.

Tony Kane plays a superhero on TV, but in real life he's just another guy who happens to be deaf, with hopes and dreams that always seem to elude him. Eight-year-old Jacob Lang, also deaf, is having a hard time in school, where he is torn between what his father thinks is "normal" and an education using sign language promoted by his mother. When Tony and Jacob's paths cross, they inspire belief in each other and in themselves. And when Tony meets Jacob's teacher, Jenny, a romance blossoms that suddenly makes Tony feel like he can do anything... even things he never dreamed was possible. This film marks the first time in cinematic history that a SAG commercial feature film is being executive produced exclusively by deaf executive producers and directed by a deaf director.

This film involves some sub-titles, so is not appropriate for
children who cannot read well – recommended for 8 and up.

Director–Troy Kotsur
Release date – 2013, G

Thu, Jul 10  |  7 pm
$5 / $3 JCC Members

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Family Price (up to 6 people)  |  $15 / $9 JCC Members

Family Admission


In partnership with the ALS Association, Indiana Chapter
Showing Thu, Aug 21 at 7 pm:
Jason Becker:  Not Dead Yet

It is the 80’s, and 19 year old Jason Becker has it all. He is a flash guitarist, has a supportive, loving family and is about to begin one of the most sought after gigs in rock music – guitarist for the David Lee Roth World Tour. Then he discovers that he has ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  But that is not the end of Jason Becker’s life – in some ways it is the beginning.  This is a poignant entertaining story, full of inspiration and great music.

Some scenes may not be appropriate for children.

Director/Producer – Jesse Vile, 
Music Composed by – Jason Becker and Michael Lee Firkins
Release date – 2012, NR

“This is a keeper.  Three thumbs way up!” – Lev Rothenberg, a critic

Thu, Aug 21  |  7 pm
$8 / $5 Members,  FREE to persons with ALS

Proceeds go to the ALS Association, Indiana Chapter

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