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Membership Rates

One time enrollment fee of $300 (paid in advance or with EZ payment).

Category EZ Payment
Family  $103/mo
Two adults + dependent children
who reside in the same household

Single Parent Family $74/mo 
One-parent household with dependent child(ren)

Two adults $94/mo
Two adults residing in the same household

Adult $65/mo
One adult between the ages of 26 and 64

Young Adult / Student $42/mo
One adult between the ages of 16 and 25
Senior Couple $61/mo 
Two adults residing in the same household,
at least one age 65 or older

Senior Adult $46/mo
One adult age 65 or older

Membership is for a minimum of 12 months.* Payment may be made with the JCC’s EZ Automatic Monthly Debit Plan with 12 equal bank debits or charges to your credit card. There is no additional fee for using the EZ Automatic Monthly Debit Plan. Payment may also be made in advance by check or credit card. We cannot bill you for your membership, nor can we accept monthly checks. Dues are subject to change at any time. A fee of $25 will be charged on all returned checks, insufficient funds and credit card denials.

Continued unsuccessful debits will result in membership cancellation. Membership is
neither refundable nor transferable. Refunds cannot be issued for non-usage of facilities. Written cancellation is required to cancel a membership under the payment option plan
and must be received at least one calendar month in advance of desired cancellation date.

*Partial-year memberships are not available.


Additional Fees

There are additional fees charged for individuals in households that extend beyond the category definition (such as a third adult in a family household). There is no additional charge for nannies, au pairs or regular babysitters.
Dues are subject to change at any time.


Enrollment Fee

For new memberships, excluding Youth, there is an enrollment fee of $300. For those on the EZ Automatic Monthly Debit Plan, this one-time fee* will result in an additional debit of $25/mo for the first year.

*Enrollment fee is one-time unless there is a lapse in membership of more than 
  24 months from date of cancellation. 


Administrative Fee

For new memberships, there is an administrative fee of $79 due at the time of joining.


Group Memberships

For service agencies such as group homes or special programs within hospitals, etc., please call Natalie Sirois at ext. 2204 or email nsirois@JCCindy.org for additional information.


Corporate Memberships

An incentive program for businesses who enroll 5 or more employees to the JCC as new members. More

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EZ payment plan
Let us make paying your
membership dues and program
fees (Camp, ECE and ASC)
EZ for you. EZ Pay can be
done through your checking
account with monthly debits
or through your VISA,
MasterCard, Discover or American Express with monthly
charges. There is no extra fee
for this convenience!

We make it EZ to sign up
for the plan. Call 251-9467,
ext 2204 or write to 
stop by a membership desk.


Fee Adjustments
The JCC offers membership
fee adjustments to those
families and individuals
demonstrating need. To
request a fee adjustment,
please download, complete
in full and submit your form
with requisite documentation
to the membership department.
Your adjustment request will
be held in strict confidence.

Click here to download form.