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Arts Camp | 3rd-7th Grade (Non-Members welcome)

Artist in Residence
| Claire Dillehay

Claire is an art educator with an emphasis on environmental art with lessons relating to conservation and social activism. She taught art in the Perry Township school system, and has a wealth of experience in various teaching methods and art media.

Love to create?
At JCC Arts Camp, you get hands-on-experience working with clay, paint, paper, and fabric to make your own signature works of art. Working at an individual pace keeps art making a fun time for everyone. We also plan on spending some time creating a public art piece for the JCC!

JCC Arts Camp kids will join other campers for part of each day in regular camp activities too, including daily swimming in the JCC’s very own water park, music, sports, Lip Sync show and more. Open to JCC members and non-members. Space is limited; register early for this specialty camp!

Week of June 9 - Drawing
Campers will learn and explore the basics of drawing. Line, shading, perspective, and composition will all be taught. We will begin with the basics and then progress through a series of techniques that will increase each campers abilities.  We will culminate the week with a large self portrait project and a trip to the IMA

Week of June 16 - Printmaking
Explore printmaking, a tactile, process-oriented medium that offers many options for rich visual effects. Campers will learn new printmaking techniques, from linoleum carving to plastic etching and monotypes. Each process has unique qualities that lead to greater creativity as they may be incorporated with drawing, painting and mixed media work. The camp will cover basic printmaking techniques while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals or acids. We will also examine beautiful prints from across ages during a trip to the IMA.

Week of June 23 - Painter's
Campers will explore a variety of traditional and contemporary methods of painting with acrylics. Emphasis will be placed on honing technical skills while creating new work that is visually expressive of each artist’s individual viewpoint. Campers will also gain experience working collaboratively as they work on a large mural project for the JCC. To further inspire our painters, we will visit the IMA during the week

Week of July 7 - Eco-Art Extravaganza
In eco-art extravaganza, we are going green and getting creative! All of the art made during this week will be constructed with recycled or natural materials only. Making ‘earthworks’ and creating a unique sculpture out of an old shoe are just a few of the interesting projects children will engage in. It is an enriching experience that teaches both conservation and creative problem solving skills. Discovering different artists will also be a part of this camp. The IMA visit will focus on contemporary artists and artworks. 

Week of July 14
 - Sculpture
In sculpture camp, JCC campers will explore a variety of approaches to sculpture.  Clay, wire, and reductive sculpture are just a few of the 3D forms that will be taught. A brief history of Sculpture as an art form will be shared. We will also examine the public sculptures in and around the JCC as well as the IMA.


Arts Camp 3rd-7th Grade

Jun 2-Jul 25  |  Weeks of Jun 9, Jun 16, Jun 23, Jul 7, Jul 14 
$325 Non-Members /
$275 Members

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