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Growing by leaps and bounds! Indy BBYO has had a slew of teens come to
new BBYO programs and we are looking forward to even more. Remember,
BBYO is your club. BBYO is run by its members and for its members with the
help of volunteer advisors. With 18,000 members from more than 40 regions
across North America, as well as from Central and South America, Europe,
Israel, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, this is a great way to meet
other teens.

The Indy group meets monthly to hang out and create programs. Sometimes
these are local events and other times they include other Jewish teens in
the region (Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio). There are even opportunities to
get together on a national and international level. Programs include social
events, community service projects, athletic tournaments and Judaic
enrichment programs. Don't miss a thing!


BBYO Regional Opportunities

A big part of the BBYO experience is the opportunity to participate in amazing regional events. Look what we have lined up for registered BBYO members:

Get B-linked!
BBYO has a new on-line community where you can connect with more than 3800 other Jewish teens from all over the world. You can post your profile, meet teens who share your interests, find out about events, prepare for college and much more! Visit to set up your profile and get started.


BBYO Wants You!
BBYO Wants You!
With 18,000 members and over 80 years of experience, BBYO is the largest organization for Jewish youth ages 14–18. It’s a great way to meet other teens from over 40 regions across North, Central and South America, Europe, Israel, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand!

Make your chapter what you want. BBYO is run by and for its members with the help of volunteer advisors. If you or your high school student group is interested in being a part of our BBYO chapter, contact Kenny at or visit BBYO’s website at for the latest information. Join our mailing list and stay connected and up-to-date with all the latest BBYO news!


Community Service Committee
Are you a high school-aged teen interested in making community service a priority? Are you interested in helping out your community, identifying good community service opportunities for you and your friends or making the world a better place? This commitment includes a quarterly meeting to identify and organize community service opportunities for you and your peers as well as participation in the community service programs that you help organize. Get your required community service hours for confirmation, school or National Honor Society and have a blast!

Indianapolis J-Serve
Join teens from all faiths and all communities in this annual worldwide day of community service. the JCC is proud to be the lead agency for the Indianapolis area. Why not get involved? There are many community service opportunities related to J-Serve. Contact Kenny at to find out more.

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