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Aquatic Exercise

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Programs
All participants are required to purchase a Water Movement pass.
See details below.

Aquajoints Range-of-motion workout with gentle exercise in shallow water.
Backer Therapy Pool

Mon & Wed  |  9-9:45 am
Mon & Wed  |  10-10:45 am
Tues & Thurs  |  10-10:45 am
Tues & Thurs  |  10:45-11:30 am
Tues & Thurs  |  6:30–7:30 pm
Fri  |  8:30-9:15 am

Fit Joints Plus*Deep-water aerobic workout while working on range of motion. Backer Therapy Pool

Mon & Wed  |  10:45-11:30 am
Fri  |  1-2 pm
* Participants must know how to swim


Water Movement Passes
Purchase a 10-class punch card at the East Desk and attend any arthritis foundation aquatics class of your choice. Classes may be taken at your own discretion and in any combination. Bring receipt to class for verification.
Card expires 6 months from the date of purchase.
10-Class Punch Card
$50 / $30 Members

Individual Passes
$6 / $4 Members


Aqua Exercise Classes
Note: Members only; included in your membership.

Ai Chi  |  Relax in the water with deep breathing and the fluid movements of Ai Chi. This flowing water exercise program may be simple, yet it yields lasting results. Backer Therapy Pool

Mon & Wed  |  6–7 pm
Sun  |  8:30–9:15 am

Aqua Boxing  |  A class is for those looking for a moderately intense, low-impact, complete body workout. Includes interval training, cardio, resistance training and stretching. Swimming experience is not necessary but a moderate  level in the water is required.
Regenstrief Competition Pool

Mon & Thurs  |  6-7 pm 

Aqua Zumba  |   Known as the Zumba "pool party," Aqua Zumba gives new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. Splashing, stretching, twisting, even shouting, laughing, hooting and hollering are often heard during an Aqua Zumba class. Integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba blends it all together into a safe, challenging, water-based workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond beliefRegenstrief Competition Pool

Mon, Wed & Fri  |  8–9 am
5 Class Pass  |  $48 / $28 M
$10 / 6 M

Cardio and strength training primarily in the shallow end of the pool. Participants use belts, barbells and other apparatus. Regenstrief Competition Pool

Mon, Wed & Fri  |  8–9 am

Aquajog*  |  Aerobics and strength training primarily in the deep end of the pool. Participants use belts, barbells and other apparatus. Regenstrief Competition Pool 

Mon, Wed & Fri  |  1–2 pm
Tues & Thurs  |  7–8 am
Tues & Thurs  |  8–9 am
* Participants must know how to swim

Aqua Pilates/Ai Chi  |  Practicing Pilates and Ai Chi in the water develops trunk stabilization, helps correct posture and enhances muscle strength. In Aqua Pilates, the wall becomes the mat—movements are practiced against the wall in a fluid and controlled manner.
Backer Therapy Pool

Tues & Thurs  |  5:30–6:30 pm

High Energy AqaticsDance off the pounds and build muscle.  If you like the music of Maroon 5, Matchbox Twenty and other modern artists this class is for you!  This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and is a fun way to get your workout in.
Regenstrief Competition Pool

Sat  |  9–10 am

Yoqua  |  Yoga + Aqua is a great way to restore health and balance to both body and mind. This class combines the relaxing elements of yoga for stress management and the fitness benefits of aerobic exercise. Backer Therapy Pool

Tues  |  8–9 am  (2nd & 4th weeks of the month through May)
Starting June 4  Tues  |  9–10 am
Thurs  |  9–10 am

Water Dance  |  Musically choreographed aerobic dance in the shallow waters of the competition pool. Regenstrief Competition Pool

Fri  |  9-10 am   

Water Walking  |  Starts June 3  Walking with and against the current in the lazy river. Eskenazi Water Park

Tue, Thu  |  8–9 am


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