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 Irwin Katz, a generous
 contribution made in
 memory of his wife, Ann
 This event is made
 possible, in part, with
 support from the Indiana
 Arts Commission and the
 National Endowment 
 for the Arts, a
 federal agency

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  Oct 28-Nov 15, 2014


    A Taste of the Ann Katz Festival of Books and Arts


Why is it that 50 years after his assassination, John F. Kennedy lives so powerfully in the American psyche? Explore some of the reasons with Jim Wolfe, author of The Kennedy Myth, and at the same time learn about
the sixties, American civil religion and perhaps a bit about yourself.

Tue, Jul 8  |  7-8:30 pm  |  $8 / $5 M



More coming soon!