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adult dance classes

intermediate classical ballet
ages 18 & up
Continue your previous training in traditional ballet techniques with respected instructor, Rebecca Rutt. This class emphasizes flow of movement, barre work, simple enchaiments, and centre combinations of steps.
Pianist: Laura Enker

Jun 10–Jul 29
Tues, 9–10:30 am
8 sessions
$128 M / $144 NM 

intermediate/advanced classical ballet
ages 18 & up
Are you ready for more advanced barre and centre combinations? Dance instructor Rebecca Rutt will emphasize artistic content, choreographed centre work and complex enchaiment combinations. This class is for our more experienced dancers. Pianist: Laura Enker

Jun 13–Aug 1
Fri, 9–10:30 am
7 sessions
$112 M / $126 NM  Register

This class is all the rage! You get everything all rolled into one—aerobics, fitness training, movement and dance steps all set to incredibly lively Latin music. Dance steps include salsa, flamenco, tango and merengue. Don’t worry if you’re new to Zumba. The instructor will lead you through easy-to-follow combinations of fast and slow dance rhythms. Enroll for the whole semester or stop by for a single class.

Jun 10–Aug 12
Tues, 6:30–7:30 pm
10 sessions
$55 M / $115 NM  Register  Dance Studio

Jun 12–Aug 14
Thurs, 9:30–10:30 am
10 sessions
$55 M / $115 NM  Register  Aerobics Studio

*One-time drop-in for adult classes: $6 M / $12 NM

Israeli Couples Dance
Dancers, do you know Israeli dance steps and can you keep up with the music? If so, this class is for you! Come with your best partner or come on your own. Experienced dancers only. Meet in the Fitness Center Aerobics Studio. No drop-ins. For more information, call Rhea McDonald: 581-8835.

Sun, 3:30-6:30 pm
$5 M / NM 

youth dance classes

teen/adult dance classes

adult dance classes


Spring 2008 Demonstration
Wed, April 30

No Class Dates

March 31-April 4

As a rule, classes will only be cancelled due to snow/ice when Washington Township schools ar close. No refunds or make-up classes.

Parents are invited to observe the last class of the semester.

Dance Studio
Thank you for keeping our dance studio beautiful by refraining from wearing street shoes and from bringing food and drink inside. You are welcome to bring a water bottle.